Todays class assignment? Talk via Twitter chat!

Today in Beauty Social Media Marketing everyone in the class were talking via twitter chat. the hashtag used was #studentbeautychat. It was interesting because everyone was responding so fast. I felt like we were in the AT&T commercial when the actors say “That was SO 13 seconds ago”. But the responses were quite interesting. I observed that majority of my classmates preferred MAC lipstick and Id like to know why. I defiantly need to write a review on MAC lipsticks.


Have you ladies tried this?


I am just so fascinated by this. Have any of you ladies tried this? This would be a great lip to wear if you are going to a race or a night time festival. I absolutely love the matching nail polish as well. This image makes me all worked up for Spookfest in Oakland this October. Im going to try and make up a concoction to imitate this look! Keep an open eye out for it!