MAC becoming iconic symbol?






Recently on Tumblr Ive seen more and more images of MAC Cosmetics lipstick. Its either been application of the lipstick itself. I feel that in the beauty industry and in the general public that the packaging for MAC’s lipstick is becoming more and more known. It’s instantly recognizable. This is just like when you see the bitten apple you think of Apple brand. Is this causing a monopoly in the lipstick world. Majority of people would rather have some this distinguishable than some brand that is unrecognizable. Personally, I think there is better quality lipstick out there. I rank MAC lipsticks low in my book. Ive tried a few and it seems to always dry and chap my lips fast. Usually the color doesn’t last and I have to constantly reapply it. Blogger are putting MAC Cosmetics on a pedestal and it shouldn’t be that way. There is better quality and for less!

Love & Good Vibes



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