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Recently on Tumblr Ive seen more and more images of MAC Cosmetics lipstick. Its either been application of the lipstick itself. I feel that in the beauty industry and in the general public that the packaging for MAC’s lipstick is becoming more and more known. It’s instantly recognizable. This is just like when you see the bitten apple you think of Apple brand. Is this causing a monopoly in the lipstick world. Majority of people would rather have some this distinguishable than some brand that is unrecognizable. Personally, I think there is better quality lipstick out there. I rank MAC lipsticks low in my book. Ive tried a few and it seems to always dry and chap my lips fast. Usually the color doesn’t last and I have to constantly reapply it. Blogger are putting MAC Cosmetics on a pedestal and it shouldn’t be that way. There is better quality and for less!

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Todays class assignment? Talk via Twitter chat!

Today in Beauty Social Media Marketing everyone in the class were talking via twitter chat. the hashtag used was #studentbeautychat. It was interesting because everyone was responding so fast. I felt like we were in the AT&T commercial when the actors say “That was SO 13 seconds ago”. But the responses were quite interesting. I observed that majority of my classmates preferred MAC lipstick and Id like to know why. I defiantly need to write a review on MAC lipsticks.

Have you ladies tried this?


I am just so fascinated by this. Have any of you ladies tried this? This would be a great lip to wear if you are going to a race or a night time festival. I absolutely love the matching nail polish as well. This image makes me all worked up for Spookfest in Oakland this October. Im going to try and make up a concoction to imitate this look! Keep an open eye out for it!

Trend: Vamp Red Wine Lips

The fall season is right around the corner what why to convert summer to fall by changing into this season hottest trend, Vamp Red Wine Lips. This look has been seen on Lana Del Rey, Camilla Belle, Rihanna, and Katy Perry. This lipstick trend has also been spotted in Paris, Milan, London, and New York’s Fashion Weeks!

This deep red lipstick is paired nicely with a strong brow and minimum eye makeup like a base and a few coats of mascara. This look can have either or matte lip or shimmery lips. Personally, I like the way matte looks like Katy Perry.

What do you ladies feel about this upcoming trend? Would you want to wear this? I would love to hear your feed back!

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I absolutely love this product. I wasn’t really I fan of Wet n Wild products. Actually, I only bought this product because it was on sale at Walgreens. I bought the nude tone and a bright pink one, but i fell in love! I love lipsticks, its my obsession. But when I apply my lipsticks they don’t last very long, usually two hours max! This lipstick last me about five hours or more! i even eat and i don’t have to reapply it! I went back to buy all the shades (silly me). The only problem for me was the packaging. its doesn’t protect the product at all! i accidentally dropped it and the lipstick snapped in three pieces… but other than that I got great compliments on the 905D shade 🙂 It has a high pigment pay off as well. The best thing is that they’re only $1.99 at CVS! Its slides on smooth and with a greg color pay off. Its Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Color. SERIOUSLY THE BEST DRUGSTORE LIPSTICK!

Blistex Revive & Restore Review

Blistex Revive & Restore Review

Blistex Revive & Restore Review

Thanks Kelsi Smith for the awesome product!
This is a new Blistex chapstick/lip protection. Its two products that stack on top of each other. The restore is a lip protectant that “makes lips soft, healthy & radiant”. It contains photo-nutrients and vitamin A. Active ingredients are Lanolin which is a skin protectant. I Revive is a sunscreen that “leaves lips smooth, invigorated & protects” lips from the harm of UVA rays. It contains shea butter, fruit extract and SPF 15.
I really enjoyed this product. I used it for four days and pulls through on what its intentions. I like to put on the restore at night so it heals my lips. By morning, my lips are soft and luscious! The restore has the fruity bubble gum smell to it which I enjoy. The Revive is more sheer and has a minty smell and feel. I love how these products stack together! Its great for on the go and traveling. If you have any questions about this product I’m more than happy to respond (:

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